What is cyber risk?

Is any risk that it causes a financial, operational or damage to the reputation of an organization, as a result of weaknesses in their technological systems, the processes that support them or the use of information by the people who access this .

What can happen before a cyber attack within your company or SME?

> Losing sensitive and critical information for business administration
> Losing income as a result of the interruption of activity
> Receive a claim from parties affected by the misuse of the information
> Receive sanctions by control and surveillance entities as a consequence of the misuse of information
> Losing reputation due to lack of confidence on the part of clients

We tell you how to protect yourself in these situations!

> Responsibility for revealing confidential information
> Responsibility for malicious virus or inf virus.
> Publication in digital media
> Digital information recovery
> Interruption of business activity
> Cybernetic extortion
> Fraudulent banking transactions
> Reputation protection
> Defense expenses
> Forensic expenses
> Expenses without prior authorization