Cyberinsurance: the biggest challenge facing industries today.

It is essential to invest in insurance against computer attacks, especially in large organizations that handle a large amount of money or information.

Cyber attacks are one of the most destructive threats that exist today due to the vulnerability of computer systems, the advancement of knowledge by groups or cyber "mafias" and the possibility of anonymity of the attacker. To combat them, it is essential to invest in insurance against computer attacks of excellent quality, otherwise the losses due to not having them will be much greater than the investment in cybersecurity.

The industries that are in a state of greater vulnerability to these cyber crimes are: financial, retail, automotive, health, pharmaceutical and construction. However, almost all businesses or organizations are being digitized and nowadays it is almost unthinkable to load and store data in another way that is not connected to the network. Therefore, it can be said that all sectors, whether a company, state or society, and even individual people, are affected and require computer security insurance.

Being a victim of cyberattacks implies a great economic and information loss. But it also inevitably leads to a loss of confidence on the part of the market. The organization that suffers a computer attack and consequently causes damage to its members or customers, will lose its reputation that also has a high value since it takes a great amount of time to recover it.

The normal insurance that is usually contracted to protect industries does not usually have a policy for cybernetic issues, and if they do, it is not effective enough because it is considered as one more aspect of security and it is not given the scope that it should to have. For this reason, large companies hire cyber insurance that specializes in this type of security, which requires constant control and updating.

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