June 25, 2019

The ports of Nidera and Cofco immobile due to hacker attacks

The new new cyber attack with ransomware - as malware is known to "hijack" data or files from a computer in exchange for a monetary rescue - affects [...]
14 June, 2019

They believe that the region is very exposed to computer attacks

Jamil Farshchi is the global head of Information Security of Equifax, the company that owns the credit risk Veraz. The expert warned, in an interview with LA [...]
14 June, 2019

Hacks increased by 700% in Argentina and the government accelerated the command of cybersecurity

The numbers are chilling and aroused an alert in the government: according to official data, between 2016 and 2017 the hacks detected and processed in the [...]
14 June, 2019

Almost half of Argentine companies suffered cyber attacks in the last three years

Cybersecurity plays an increasingly important role in the business agenda and the concern is not casual: 45.3% of companies [...]