Yahoo! Confirm massive data breach

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14 June, 2019
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14 June, 2019

Yahoo! Confirm massive data breach

Yahoo confirmed today that at the end of 2014, according to a recent investigation by Yahoo's security team, the company's network was violated by what they believe is a hacker sponsored by the state. The hacker was able to violate the Yahoo network server by stealing approximately 500 million user accounts that included information such as: user names, email addresses, date of birth, telephone numbers, access passwords and questions and answers from security encrypted and / or not encrypted.

Yahoo and its customers suspected that Yahoo was hacked in August 2016 after a hacker named "Peace" started buying 200 million user accounts online. After the full investigation was completed, it was very evident that the rape, which is considered one of the largest in history, was much more damaging than anticipated.

Yahoo states that they are "working closely" with the police in the ongoing investigation of the violation and that they notify Yahoo customers by email to those who may have been affected. According to Yahoo, his investigation has determined that no information was stolen from bank accounts or credit / debit cards during the cyber-infringement, nor were unsecured passwords registered.

In its statement, Yahoo asks potentially affected customers to change their password and security verification method to avoid any further loss of information to hackers, while at the same time trying to reassure potential victims of the attack that, in their ongoing research, have found. there are no indications that the hacker sponsored by the state has a current presence in the Yahoo network system.

Yahoo has created a page of Frequently Asked Questions about account security issues (frequently asked questions) on the Yahoo site, which is where Yahoo users can go to get answers to any concerns they may have regarding the violation. In addition to finding out what steps Yahoo has taken to protect customer account information in the future.



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