Minecraft suffers theft of sensitive user data.

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14 June, 2019
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14 June, 2019

Minecraft suffers theft of sensitive user data.

Minecraft, the multimillion-dollar game that was founded by Markus "Notch" Persson and sold to Microsoft, has recently been criticized for being hacked and stealing user data. Minecraft Pocket Edition was a simplified version of the popular Minecraft game that was made available to users on their smartphones. Players could participate in the Minecraft universe from their mobile device and explore the buildings and creations presented by other players within the community.

Many hackers focus on applications and devices of this type as a way to enter the system without technical problems. Large organizations put their best software and specialists against piracy in their main domain and ignore their other platforms in terms of cyber security. Hackers took a similar approach when trying to infiltrate the Minecraft realm and pointed to a message board dedicated to helping pocket edition players move into the world of Minecraft.

The hacker in question, @ rmsg0d, was part of a cyberelite team that calls itself TeaMp0isoN. These hackers stole valuable credentials from the message board that included user names, passwords, emails, login keys, names and other critical data. The timing of this attack seemed good to the hackers, since the domain registration expired shortly after the data dump was made.

If you or someone you know was a registered member of the Minecraft Pocket Edition message board, it is very likely that your information has been stolen. The worrying part is that domain owners and technical staff are not available for contact because the domain expires without re-registering. You can only ask what this means for the future of Minecraft, Mojang and the games they create to advance. Does this show an amateur security level implemented for some of the most popular games on the Internet? Only time, and possibly more data stolen from players and users, will tell.


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